A good workout starts with a good night’s sleep!

by April Whitney @smalletics

As a certified personal trainer and nutritionist, my clients always want to know what my secret is behind morning workouts and making them an easy, true habit that doesn’t just come and go with bursts of motivation. I believe a good morning’s workout starts the night before with a good night’s sleep! Over the past 60 days I set out to experiment with my bedtime ritual and test Healist products in order to maximize my energy in the morning. Here’s what happened!

No more groggy, melatonin hangovers

Prior to Healist, I would frequently use melatonin to help me fall asleep, especially when I wanted to go to bed earlier in order to get a couple extra hours of sleep. The problem was, even if it helped me fall asleep, I didn’t always feel super energized in the morning. Sometimes I’d even get that sort of groggy hangover that typically comes with melatonin territory. As someone trying to stick to a morning workout routine, this often made my training sessions subpar. I just wouldn’t always feel motivated or in the mood to get up and go.

I started with the Healist Sleep Chews, taking just 1 per night when I hopped into bed to read for an hour before falling asleep. After a couple of weeks, I upped my dose to 2 chews per night.

A zen-like alertness upon waking up

It was so nice to have Healist as a new part of my nightly routine. I found waking up felt easier, like I was fully awake faster upon getting out of bed in the morning. As a big time matcha-drinker, it sort of felt like the zen-like alertness I get after drinking a cup of matcha, but before my morning cup of matcha! In fact, after starting with Healist, I no longer need my caffeine until after my morning workout. I just feel ready to go upon waking up, which has greatly improved my output during my training sessions.

Peace of mind with natural, feel-good ingredients

The other problem I had with melatonin is that I didn’t want to take it every night or get dependent on it to fall asleep, so I only really used it on occasion. What I immediately loved about Healist is the natural ingredients and the fact that I didn’t feel weird about using it every night.

After the first few weeks, I dipped my toes into the Sleep Drops, feeling more comfortable with CBD at that point. I started with .5ml of the Double Strength drops and increased my dose to 1ml after a few nights.

Staying power

I thought that perhaps after the first month, the effects would wear off and Healist would no longer help me get a good night’s sleep, but I’ve found that both the Sleep Drops and the Sleep Chews (which I’m sad to say I ran out of!) are still super effective for me. I haven’t increased my dose since the first month, either.

Healist has been a huge part of getting that good night’s rest that I need to consistently wake up and train and I’m excited to carry my 7am workout routine into the next season as a result!