CBD Patches Explained: How They Work and Common Uses

CBD Patches Explained: How They Work and Common Uses

As CBD’s popularity has grown in recent years, manufacturers have sought out increasingly creative ways to deliver their products. From gummies to drops, CBD oil can be infused into almost anything you eat. 

But, what about CBD patches? Since you don’t eat them, how does the CBD get into your system, and does it affect people differently?

We at Healist believe that knowledge is power, and we want to give you all the information you need to make the right choice for your body and its unique needs. 

You might decide that CBD patches are the best way to promote health and wellness. Isn’t it time to step up and prioritize your health?

CBD Patches -- How Do They Work?

For people who are looking for a good entry point into CBD, patches could be a fantastic option. These are most often referred to as CBD Infused patches, which simply means that the method of absorbing the product, in this case, CBD, is through your skin.

You have likely heard about nicotine patches, which some people use to help them kick the habit of smoking, and CBD patches work in the same way. The transdermal method has a few benefits over the oral ingestion of CBD, which is why some people prefer patches to chews or drops.

When the product is absorbed through your skin, it can convey all the desired effects over a certain period. 

Patches vs. Chews 

When you’re trying to decide between patches and chews, it really comes down to personal preference. Chews are great, but a patch could be a little more discrete if that’s something that you’re looking for. 

In particular, patches are great for helping you get relief from sore and tired muscles, because you can place them exactly where you’re having a problem. 

You can do something similar with CBD oils or lotions, but because they release their CBD all at once, that means that your skin absorbs it, and then that’s the end. Patches release their CBD over time, so its effects stay with you for longer. 

Common Uses for CBD Patches 

Although anyone who enjoys using CBD and its effects can use CBD patches, there are a few instances where CBD patches really excel, including targeted soothing relief and long-lasting effects. 

They work on the body's endocannabinoid system to inhibit receptors in the skin for different forms of discomfort, including many that are tough to control, like deep in the muscles.

If you can give the patches a little bit of time to get the ball rolling, you will be enjoying the slow release of CBD for much longer than with other options.

Targeted Soothing 

The most common use for CBD patches is for targeted discomfort relief

While lotions and oils containing CBD can also be applied to a part of the body where you are dealing with sore muscles or aches in your joints, you would have to stop and apply more lotion or oil every so often. Once it is absorbed, there is nothing more for it to do.

However, with transdermal patches, you are applying the CBD exactly where you want it to go, and the long-lasting relief will stay with you for hours; no reapplications needed. 

You can simply stick on the patch and go about your day. 

Our CBD Patch 

Healist’s Relief Infused Patch can work wonders when you have sore muscles or other bodily discomforts, so you can keep going all day long.

We take the highest quality U.S. organically farmed CBD and mix it with appropriate concentrations of arnica and menthol to offer concentrated relief during the day for up to 24 hours, helping to promote relaxation in stressed and exhausted muscles and overall body distress. 

It is recommended that the adhesive be put ideally on a slim, non-fatty point of the body such as your elbow, lower back, shoulder. This will improve absorption, so it can more effectively begin facilitating muscle and body stress relief.

Our Relief Infused Patch combines organic CBD with:

  •       Turmeric oil, a strong antioxidant that supports your body’s inflammatory response
  •       Ginger oil, an oil with multiple natural compounds that also support healthy inflammation response
  •       Arnica, a flower grown in the mountains which contributes to the patch’s ability to support healthy inflammation response
  •       Menthol, an extract from plants in the mint family that cools down the skin and soothes discomfort in muscles and joints
  •       Camphor, from the bark of certain trees, helps stimulates nerve endings to calm the body and relieve discomfort

Zen For the Whole Day 

Many patches work for up to 24 hours, keeping that targeted part of your body looser and less tense. 

If you have a busy schedule, it can be challenging to remember to take more pain relievers or to apply yet another round of lotion in the middle of the day, but with a patch, you don’t have to. It will just keep going and going throughout your day like the Energizer bunny. 

You can even take a shower wearing the patch, depending on the brand (you totally can with ours -- you’re welcome). 

Things To Look Out For

If you are already taking medication, you should always talk to your doctor before adding CBD to your daily routine. You can still be allergic to it, so if you experience any kind of allergic reaction, you should stop using the CBD patches immediately.

Patches do not otherwise have many risks or side effects associated with them. But there are a couple of things to watch out for. 

One is that your skin might develop a mild rash in response to the glue used to keep the patch on your skin. If you have sensitive skin, patches might not be the right vehicle for CBD for you.

Additionally, if you apply a patch to dirty skin or exercise while wearing one, sweat and dirt may become trapped underneath the patch and rub your skin, causing a mild irritation or rash. You should always wash and dry your skin before applying a patch and wipe away any sweat or moisture throughout the day while you are wearing a patch.

In Summary 

CBD patches are an efficient and convenient way to absorb CBD and put its benefits to work in your daily life. Their long-lasting effects can help you get through the day with more zest and zen, and while it may take longer for your body to absorb the CBD, if your goal is soothing tension, patches can make your life much easier. 

So, we say, take a chance on the patch because it may be your perfect match.