CBD Tastes Like sh*t - Trial and Error With CBD

CBD Tastes Like sh*t - Trial and Error With CBD

CBD tastes like sh*t - Trial and error with CBD

By Jasmin Guleria

I am food obsessed. Some might say, annoyingly so. I geek out on talking thru taste profiles, cacao percentages and mouth feel. It’s a bit excessive – and I own it. One of the reasons for this obsession is my career. Having worked in the natural food and innovation space for years, my job had often been to launch new food and beverage products that would excite the masses. Part of this work involved taste testing various flavor profiles to get to the ultimate taste profile.

And while it’s relatively easy to find a tasty, healthy snack; the same is not true for wellness supplements. I am always up for trying the next trend that touts health benefits that can help me defend my wellness. I’ve choked down ginger shots, mixed ashwagandha in my smoothies and even tried energy bars made with cricket powder for their plant-based protein benefits. I’ve found ways to make some of these palatable; but the wellness products that have left me with a weird aftertaste usually get tried once, and then forgotten about – no matter the benefits. For me, taste is paramount. 

Enter CBD. Up until this year, my experience with CBD included purchasing various brands in both tincture and gummy form, to help me find back pain relief and more calm. However, each CBD I purchased met the same fate. I tried it once and then it lay, barely touched, gathering dust in dark corners of messy desk drawers around my apartment.  Why? Because the grassy flavor notes and lasting murky aftertaste was just not something I could handle. 

After my 4th purchase of a new brand, I gave up. Maybe CBD works, but if it tastes like shit, I can’t indulge. Then this year, I worked on a new CBD brand that highlighted its flavors clearly on the packaging. (Something I’ve rarely seen across brands.) Peppermint, Citrus and Mixed Berry popped out to me and I was intrigued – had I found the CBD holy grail? A product that worked AND tasted good?

I decided to give the peppermint sleep drops a try first. The minute they hit my tongue, a smooth, minty refreshing taste came forward. Within a few minutes, the taste had dissipated, leaving no earthy aftertaste. Yum! I went to bed and didn’t wake up in the middle of the night for a change and woke up feeling really refreshed. This was a true game-changer.

The Mixed Berry Chews that promoted feelings of calm were next on my list. I was surprised with how normal the chews tasted. They tasted like, well, like a berry fruit snack or traditional gummy. The berry flavor was pleasant, and the light touch of coconut oil gave the chew a nice mouth feel. Usually CBD gummies include stevia or monk fruit to heighten the sweet taste and mask any earthiness; but if you’re like me – these alternative sweeteners taste terrible and ruin the whole experience. The mixed berry chews I had did not have an alternative sweet flavor or a hemp/earthy taste; they had a pleasant taste and I was hooked. I have them probably 4x a week, I just pop 2 chews whenever I’m feeling a bit anxious or stressed to help me find some calm in my day and ease the queasy ‘butterfly in stomach’ feelings.

I’m glad to have finally found a great tasting and fast working CBD that proved me wrong. All CBD products DON’T taste like shit and contrary to popular belief, things don’t have to taste bad to be good for you. In fact, if your CBD is blended just right, it can actually taste pretty delicious.