Does CBD Oil Expire? Lab Testing, Safety, & More

Does CBD Oil Expire? Lab Testing, Safety, & More

Does CBD Oil Expire? Lab Testing, Safety, & More

Whether you include cannabidiol (CBD) oil or other popular CBD products such as capsules, gummies, or tinctures in your wellness routine, you may be curious about their shelf life. Does CBD oil expire? If so, how can you tell when it has? And what kind of lab testing is done to ensure its safety?  

You have questions, and we have answers. Read on to learn everything you need to know about CBD oil and its expiration. 

How Long Does CBD Oil Last? 

How long your CBD oil lasts shouldn't be confused with how long CBD lasts in your body. What we will be discussing is how long the strength of CBD products lasts in storage and during normal use. 

Does CBD Oil Expire? 

Yes, CBD oil will eventually expire

Almost every product that can lose potency, quality, or flavor over time has some kind of date printed on the package to indicate when that might happen. Usually, it's an expiration date

Sometimes the label will say "best by." Some will have a "sell by" date, and other brands will only state when the product was made and let you decide when to stop using it. Some will have a combination, noting both the expiration and the date of manufacture. 

While CBD products will likely remain effective past their  “sell by” dates, a “best buy” or expiration date is a more concrete recommendation for when to stop using the product. The general consensus is that CBD products are at their best for one to two years.  

What Can Cause CBD Oil To Expire Sooner Rather Than Later? 

Good question. How long your favorite CBD oil lasts really depends on a few factors, from the ingredients and quality to how you store it. An understanding of these essential factors can help ensure your CBD products remain viable until their expiration date, instead of losing potency early. These factors will also help you find CBD products with later expiration dates that naturally remain effective for longer periods of time.

With that being said, here are the big ones:

  • Quality: Not surprisingly, higher quality products tend to last longer than those of lesser quality. The quality of a CBD product can be determined by characteristics like the quality of the plants and growing conditions. 
  • Packaging: The kind of packaging your CBD oil comes in could also impact whether it will remain effective until its expiration date. Air and light cause oxidation and can shorten the life of your favorite CBD products. Seek out CBD that comes in packaging designed to minimize light exposure -- we pick our CBD bottles with this in mind. 
  • Extraction Methods: CO2 extraction, alcohol, steam, and solvent distillations each have their advantages -- but may come at a cost. Some methods -- like CO2 extraction -- yield higher amounts of cannabinoids and terpenes than others, which is definitely worth considering if you would like to enjoy all the wonderful benefits your CBD oil has to offer.
  • Storage: There is plenty of research suggesting that heat and light accelerate CBD degradation, which is why proper storage is crucial to the longevity of your CBD oil. Keep your CBD oil in a cool, dark place to maintain its potency and freshness. 
  • Ingredients: We love our CBD oil here at Healist because the formulas don't just stop at CBD. Across each product, Healist has paired CBD with clinically backed active natural ingredients designed to power your body's innate capacity to find relief, sleep, calm, and overall well-being. Plus, when you experience Healists' CBD blends, you can rest easy knowing that your CBD was made with love from sustainable and organic farming practices. 

    What's in your CBD oil matters because every single ingredient -- like flavoring -- has a shelf life of its own, which can affect the expiration date of the overall product. Always be sure to read the product label and the certificate of analysis, otherwise known as the COA. 

What is a CBD Certificate of Analysis (COA)? 

A COA is a "Certificate of Analysis" and is one of the more important tools you have to determine the purity and quality of a CBD product. It's also the most important tool you have to make sure that you’re getting a high-quality CBD product. 

We recommend always purchasing CBD from a reputable company that has its products third-party lab tested. Remember, as we mentioned above, the quality and ingredients in your CBD oil can make all the difference in when it expires.

Why is Testing and Having a COA So Important? 

The CBD market isn't regulated. Regulations are the rules that keep people from selling meat that has gone bad or vegetables with E.coli, and they keep your water and air clean. Regulations also help keep drugs with serious side effects off the market. 

What's more, regulations also require that a seller provide you consumers with accurate information about their products, especially regarding substances that you ingest or apply topically.

Third-party testing and the COAs they produce can protect you on a number of levels. They can confirm that you're buying what you think you're buying, and they can tell you that there are no components of the product that may harm you, now or in the future. These all-important COAs are a reflection of a company's commitment to accuracy and transparency when labeling their product and determining an expiration date -- and that the company cares enough about the consumer (you!) to make their product as pure as possible. 

Is CBD Oil Safe? 

Generally speaking, yes -- CBD oil is safe. However, as we mentioned, it's not FDA regulated, so the safety of your CBD oil comes down to where you purchased it. 

If you purchase your CBD oil from an untrustworthy company that does not perform any third-party testing, you're likely going to get a mixed bag of ingredients with the label 'CBD' slapped across the container... not the best thing to be taking on the daily. 

That's why we can't stress enough the importance of purchasing CBD from a reputable company that performs third-party testing on all of their products.

We do our triple testing through a third-party independent, ISO-accredited pharmaceutical grade lab. 

Triple testing means:

  1. Raw Materials: Healist verifies the lab results of every raw material they receive. 
  2. Hemp Extract: Prior to formulating, the lab tests every batch of hemp extract to ensure potency, purity, and consistency. 
  3. Finished Product: After formulating, Healists tests every batch of the final product to once again ensure its potency and purity. This verifies that there has been no microbiological contamination.

Whether you decide to try our Calm Drops to help quiet your mind or the Relief Drops to soothe sore muscles, you can rest easy knowing that what you purchase from Healist has been tested and given a Certificate of Analysis to show you exactly what's in the product.*

Bottom Line 

So, does CBD oil expire? 

As with all things that come from beautiful Mother Nature, CBD oil does eventually expire. 

When stored properly, your favorite CBD oil can last for one to two years after opening, depending on the manufacturer, the quality, and the product’s ingredients. You should always carefully follow your CBD’s recommended expiration date and properly store your CBD to ensure it remains effective through its projected shelf life. To ensure you're getting the best CBD oil that's not only effective but safe, be sure to purchase from a company that performs third-party testing. 

We have Certificates of Analysis for all of our products, and the third-party laboratories are responsible for maintaining that our CBD oil is exactly what it appears to be. We even document any contaminants. You can check out our lab results here, and we're proud to share them because we're doing things the right way!

Sourced from nature, check out Healist today and see the difference 100% clean and natural ingredients can make on your health.