Full spectrum, broad spectrum and isolate CBD – what’s the difference?

Full spectrum, broad spectrum and isolate CBD – what’s the difference?

by Dr. Mary Clifton

There are many CBD options are available – how do you know which one is right for you?

How to Start: First, it’s important to choose if full spectrum, broad spectrum or isolate CBD are the best option for you. Think of it this way: Choosing your branch of CBD is similar to choosing how you get your Vitamin C. 

We all need powerful antioxidants like Vitamin C to optimize our health.  What is the best way to get your Vitamin C?   You could eat an orange -- the whole fruit contains the vitamin, plus all of the other valuable phytonutrients that support your optimum health.   If you're not inclined to eat an orange, you could choose orange juice. You'll at least get vitamins and other nutrients, although considerably less than eating the whole fruit.  Alternatively, you could just take a Vitamin C tablet.  

Similarly, the majority of people agree that CBD is good for you; and just like Vitamin C, there are more or less processed options available.

You can take a full spectrum product  -- which is basically the first press of the hemp plant  -- loaded with cbd and other products that contribute to wellness, like terpenes and phytonutrients found in whole foods.  In full spectrum, you’ll also get some level of THC.

Or, you can choose broad spectrum CBD, which contains all the other helpful nutrients in the hemp plant without the THC exposure. Broad spectrum is often preferred by those who don’t want THC, but still want the variety of nutrients the hemp plant offers. Healist Naturals is made using organic broad spectrum CBD – so you get all of the nutrients from the hemp plant, with 0.0% of the THC.

Finally, you can choose a CBD isolate that provides only CBD after the whole plant extract is distilled.

In nutrition and cannabinoid communities, experts agree that whole nutrients are better than processed nutrients. Getting your cannabinoids as directly from the hemp plant and as unprocessed possible is preferred to getting them from a laboratory. 

Whole herb, high quality, well tested products with excellent safety profiles maximize the benefits of CBD, while allowing you to get the extra benefits of the terpenes, phytonutrients and other essential compounds found in the whole plant. Healist’s formulations gives you these benefits, without the THC – making it a great CBD blend to try!