Morning Routine Ideas To Start Your Day Off Right

Morning Routine Ideas To Start Your Day Off Right

Morning Routine Ideas To Start Your Day Off Right

We’ve all had those mornings. You know, the ones where the alarm goes off only to quickly be quieted by the snooze button. We tell ourselves, “only ten more minutes.” But then, all of a sudden, we realize the time and panic sets in. Since being late isn’t an option, we scramble out of bed, multitask in the bathroom, throw on some clean clothes, heat up yesterday’s coffee in the microwave, and run out the door. 

While this is a typical morning for many people, it’s not exactly the best way to start the day.

Adopting a solid morning routine is said to:

  • Boost happiness
  • Increase productivity
  • Reduce stress levels
  • Improve concentration
  • Grounds you

It’s all about getting started on the right foot. A morning routine allows you to begin your day with intention rather than allowing the day to run away from you. You are in control — the day doesn’t control you. This positive feeling of being on top of things can boost your day in more ways than one.

How To Create Your Ultimate Morning Routine

Have you ever noticed when your morning begins in a frenzy, the rest of your day seems to follow suit? The tone of your morning determines the tone of your entire day, so it’s time to start planning accordingly! 

When you form healthy habits in the A.M., you set yourself up for success. So, here are some of the best morning routine ideas to start your day off right:

Take CBD

It’s estimated that a whopping 64 percent of Americans drink at least one cup of java every day. While we’re definitely no strangers to enjoying coffee in the morning, we find that taking CBD before that morning cup of joe can have a tremendously positive impact.

If you’re new to CBD (aka cannabidiol), it’s a non-intoxicating cannabinoid that’s derived from hemp. Unlike its famous cousin THC, CBD won’t give you the “high” that most people associate with herbal products. 

Instead, research shows that CBD acts as a powerful soothing and calming compound. In fact, many CBD fans incorporate it into their daily wellness stack because it doesn’t have any mind-altering effects, which is why it’s perfect for taking first thing in the morning.

Healist’s Calm Drops can help to combat morning brain fog so you can start the day with a clear mind.* These powerful drops are masterfully crafted with high quality organically farmed CBD,  and blended with a custom calming terpene blend to support your body’s innate ability to cope with daily stress so you can tackle your day from the get go.*

To help quiet your mind and maintain focus throughout the day, it’s recommended to start with a mild or medium dose of our CBD drops placed directly under your tongue before swallowing. Wait about 20 to 30 minutes to see how you feel before taking more. 

Start Your Morning Routine the Night Before

To have a successful morning, you need to have a successful snooze the night before. If you don’t get enough good quality, restorative sleep, you can wake up in a haze, feeling especially sluggish and even sore. 

Thankfully, there are some basic things you can do to support healthy sleep so you can wake up feeling refreshed:

  • Stick to a consistent sleep schedule
  • Avoid caffeine after 3 p.m.
  • Reduce blue light exposure at least one hour before sleep
  • Say no to nightcaps
  • Keep your bedroom dark, cool, and quiet
  • Try CBD sleep drops to help relax you
  • Meditate

Wake Up Early 

Rather than rushing first thing in the morning, give yourself plenty of time to wake up slowly and peacefully. Don’t get us wrong — we don’t mean you need to get up at the crack of dawn, but it should be early enough to give yourself enough time to begin your day without the worry of being late. 

Whether it’s an hour, two hours, or even 20 minutes earlier, having some extra time to yourself will help you to start the day on your terms. 

Make Your Bed 

Yes, we know, making your bed can feel like a chore, but it can also be a deceptively simple and tiny way to make yourself feel good first thing in the morning. Taking charge and completing tasks, no matter how small they may be, can provide you with the foundation to take on more and more throughout the day.

Take a Shower 

Do you typically save your hot showers for right before bed? You might want to rethink that — jumping in the shower has a way of shocking your system and getting your blood flow going. If you absolutely can’t get yourself into the shower first thing in the morning, then at a minimum, do a thorough cleansing of your face in the sink and finish off with a nice cold splash of H2O. 

Just like if you were to dive into a pool of cold water, that slight “shock” of splashing cold water on your face can give you an instant energy boost.

Open the Blinds 

Sunlight is arguably the best way to naturally wake your body up, so don’t hide from it! It can be really tough to transition from pitch-black darkness to bright light, so make it easier by simply keeping your blinds slightly open so the sunlight can leak into your room in the morning and help you wake up. This will help to make it a little less jarring to wake up to your alarm clock each morning.

Drink a Full Glass of Water

Before your morning cup of joe, drink a full glass of water. 

Drinking water in the morning after going eight hours without even a sip is the best way to rehydrate your body. Even slight dehydration can put a damper on your morning and set you up for less than desirable side effects later in the day. In fact, this is why some people wake up with a headache. 


When you get up in the morning, your body has just been still for hours and hours, even if you’re a fidgety sleeper. With that in mind, you can’t expect it to be warmed up, energized, and ready to rock and roll as soon as you open your eyes. It just doesn’t work that way. 

You can, however, incorporate a few morning stretches into your routine to help relieve tension from sleeping the night before while also helping to increase blood flow. This will help your body to feel loose and ready to take on the day.


If you haven’t heard, meditation can help with almost anything from improving your focus and concentration to reducing stress levels and improving emotional stability. You can keep your morning meditation simple with breathing exercises or you can even use an app to help guide your practice. 

Need a little help to get you going? Here is a simple meditation you can try in the morning:

  • Begin by sitting in a comfortable position. 
  • Close your eyes and try to really focus on your breath.
  • Inhale through your nose for four counts, hold for four counts, and exhale through your nose for six counts. 
  • Every time you feel your mind starting to wander, bring it back to your breath. Focus.  
  • Do this for three to five minutes. 
  • Finish by opening your eyes, bringing your arms up to the sky for a nice stretch, and then move on with your morning, carrying that calm energy with you.

Bottom Line 

How you spend your morning can make or break your day, which is why adopting a great morning routine is key to success. The right routine will help you begin the day motivated, physically and mentally ready to tackle whatever life may bring. 

Here at Healist, we help people to defend their wellness with the help of Healist Naturals. Are you ready to start defending yours? 


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