Tackling anxiety with CBD and why I had to speak up

By Jordyn Taylor

Ask any of my friends what words describe me and you’ll likely get collection of  synonyms for happy, joyful, carefree, and unbothered. I am generally a pretty calm, cool and collected character…. until now. 

Let’s be honest, 2020 thus far has been a spectacle to say the least. We are living  through a global health pandemic that has taken the lives of nearly 67 million people  worldwide and kept others confined to their own homes for months on end. We are also dealing with countless injustices felt globally. Black men are being brutalized and murdered by those who have sworn to protect, the protests on India’s farmers are being met by water canons and tear gas, and the rights of the LGBTQIA+ community are  being targeted once again.  

On top of all that, I’m sure I am not alone in having a whole slew of unforeseen upsets in my personal life this year. I’ve been hit with heartbreak, death, and an unanticipated move across the country.  

In my past, I’ve been fortunate enough to always find an expeditious rise from my falls…but this year is different. I’m slower to the rebound and crippling doubt has found a  place in my day to day thoughts. I am no longer a stranger to the mental health journey that so many of my loved ones have bravely faced for so long.  

That being said, I have diligently been searching for a way to illuminate my journey  through the dark. My loved ones have provided me with books, meditations, and much needed vent sessions. It has all been imperative to my mental health. Additionally, in my pursuit to find the perfect tools to use against these newfound anxieties, I stumbled upon CBD. I found a natural product to aid me in getting back to my 100%. CBD rids my body of tension and fills my mind with peace, plus, I don’t get groggy or feel spaced out .  

It’s been a few months now and the change in me is unmistakable. I know I’m in this for the long haul but I’m happy to have the people and the tools to keep the doom and gloom at bay.  

For anyone else who might be struggling….hang in there.You’re not alone. There are tips, tricks, products and people who are ready and willing to defend you against the attacks of anxiety and depression (myself being one of them).  

Sending you all so much love.