The importance of rest and recovery as a mixed martial artist

The importance of rest and recovery as a mixed martial artist

The importance of rest and recovery as a mixed martial artist

“Go hard or go home”, “embrace the grind”,

“Never give in” and I’m sure you’ve heard many other sayings when it comes to fighters or martial artists on their journeys to become their best.

My name is Khalil Rountree, a 31 year old mixed martial artist / professional athlete currently competing in the UFC. As you would imagine, training for an elite level combat sports event is not a walk in the park, even for those of us who have done it for years. It’s popular within the culture of combat sports to have a “no days off” mentality or falling into the idea that not showing up to the gym for 1-2 days means you’re not as “tough” as the rest of the guys and girls. A post workout recovery routine just doesn’t really exist here. 

There came a time in my career when I contemplated stopping, for multiple reasons but the main one being because it was taking such a heavy toll on my body which started to then affect my mental health. There have been days when I just couldn’t get out of bed due to soreness everywhere, including my ego. I didn’t physically feel like I could show up to the gym and perform, which then made me question: “Am I really even built for this?”

It’s a common question amongst many of us fighters, but I knew that there had to be a solution out there somewhere. Not long ago I was introduced to cannabidiol (CBD). I was told that some known benefits of CBD included supporting your bodys natural inflammation response, boosting my mood, and supporting overall recovery from my strenuous workout routines. Skeptical but desperate, I chose to give Healist a try.

After consuming CBD oil orally for a week I expected physical sensations, but after reading more about the effects and how it processes in the body, those expectations were no longer what I was waiting for. I started to notice that my muscles and joints were less sore and I was calmer, which was enough for me to continue my trial. Taking a dose of my CBD tincture became a practice, and after a few short weeks I checked in with myself and noticed that I had been on a more balanced sleep schedule with better sleep quality, and my muscle discomfort was very minimal compared to the previous month.

These days, taking CBD products in any form is now a no-brainer, and Healist really makes it easy to choose from with the wide variety of products from their capsules to their CBD gummies, which helps with consistency.

And that brings me to this.

If there’s one thing that I’ve learned from training and fighting, it’s that the real results come by being consistent, and that can be applied in so many areas of life, especially the number one area, HEALTH.

Now, CBD is a part of my daily routine and recovery process; keeping me intact and willing to fight another day.

Take care,

Khalil Rountree