What Is CBD Isolate and How Is It Used?

What Is CBD Isolate and How Is It Used?

What Is CBD Isolate and How Is It Used?

Unless you've been living in a bunker for the last few years, you've no doubt heard of CBD. The popular compound is one that's become increasingly popular over the years and can be found in just about anything to suite your taste, from tasty gummies to soothing balms and every form of CBD in between. Touted for its non-intoxicating qualities and unbelievable health benefits, it's no wonder why CBD is all the rage these days. 

That being said, despite its sudden ubiquity, the naturally occurring compound retains an air of mystery and unanswered questions — for instance, do all CBD products contain the psychoactive compound THC

Well, believe it or not, they don't. In fact, you can purchase CBD products without any THC in it at all. 

When you buy the purest form of CBD, it's CBD isolate. This is when the CBD molecule is isolated and extracted from the hemp plant, removing all other cannabinoids and plant compounds such as terpenes and fatty acids. 

Now, you might be thinking that CBD without any strings attached sounds pretty great — and it most certainly is, especially for those who want to experience the potential therapeutic effects of the coveted compound without THC. 

However, truth be told, there's an incredible phenomenon known as the "entourage effect," which is the theory that all compounds in cannabis work in synergy with each other, and when these compounds are taken in combination, they produce a far better effect than when taken alone. 

In simpler terms, CBD may work better when combined with other cannabinoids and terpenes found in the hemp plant than when isolated. 

Interested in learning more? We can help. Read on to discover everything you need to know about CBD isolate, including how it's made and how it's used. 

But First, Here’s A Quick Recap On CBD 

CBD stands for cannabidiol, which happens to be just one of many cannabinoid compounds that have been discovered in the cannabis plant. Along with its intoxicating cousin THC, CBD is one of the most well-known and well-researched cannabinoids in the bunch, offering a variety of potential effects that may benefit the body and mind thanks to how it interacts with cannabinoid receptors like CB1 and CB2 in our endocannabinoid system (ECS).

What Is CBD Oil? 

Simply put, CBD oil is a versatile oil created by extracting cannabidiol from a hemp or marijuana plant (both of which belong to the Cannabis sativa species), and can vary in levels of other cannabinoids or plant compounds — including THC. 

In the United States, CBD is legal on the federal level as long as it's derived from hemp (not marijuana), which contains no more than 0.3 percent THC. States, however, have the final say-so in whether or not cannabis-derived products are legal within their state lines — so if you're interested in CBD oil, be sure to check your state laws first before you go buying bulk CBD isolate. 

Got It — How Is CBD Oil Made? 

CBD oil is extracted from industrial hemp (again, for no more than 0.3 percent THC) and then mixed with a carrier oil. 

There are a few ways that the beloved oil can be extracted from the plant, but here at Healist, we choose to use CO2 extraction to provide the richest profile of cannabinoids, flavonoids, terpenes, and fatty acids to work in sync with your body, just as nature intended. 

This meticulous extraction method separates the oil at room temperature, which means very minimal processing to preserve the plant's natural components. Cheaper extraction methods use solvents like ethanol and require additional distillation to separate the solvent from the oil, which translates to more processing and heating of the plant.

What Is CBD Isolate? 

The processing performed on an extract is able to remove various components from the crude extract. Some processes generally remove all unwanted components like chlorophyll, while others remove just about everything, leaving nothing behind except CBD — this is a CBD isolate. 

CBD isolate products are generally labeled as being 99 percent or “more pure CBD.” They contain no other active ingredient and just aim to deliver therapeutic doses of CBD, isolated from the other cannabinoids and terpenes. You may also find them in CBD isolate powder versus the standard tinctures or CBD capsules. 

Depending on the extraction process, the resulting process is either large CBD crystals or a fine white powder. It can be mixed into liquids like tea and juice or edibles like gummies. CBD isolate can also be mixed with carrier oils to make CBD oil. 

Some of the most popular ways to use CBD isolate include:

  • Sublingual (under the tongue)
  • Topical (apply to skin)
  • Oral (ingested via a capsule)

When shopping for CBD isolate, it's of the utmost importance to look for products from reputable companies that do third-party lab testing and have a Certificate of Analysis (COA) available to ensure not only that you’re getting the mg of CBD the packaging claims you are, but to also ensure the batch is free from contaminants like heavy metals or pesticides. 

What Are the Benefits of CBD Isolate?

The naturally occurring compound has become increasingly popular over the years due to its many potential healing benefits. From supporting emotional wellness to easing tension, it's no wonder that CBD is estimated to grow more and more popular in the coming years.

That being said, of the different types of CBD, CBD isolate is a fan-favorite of many. Why? For one simple reason — it contains absolutely no THC. 

True CBD isolates consist of nothing but pure CBD, so there's no need to worry about the intoxicating compound possibly entering your system and showing up on a potential drug test. Although it's highly unlikely, trace amounts of THC found in hemp-derived CBD products can theoretically cause a positive drug screening result — which is why many folks love CBD isolate! 

What Is the Entourage Effect?  

Products made with CBD isolate are the purest CBD products on the market because they don't contain additional cannabinoids or any of the other plant compounds, like flavonoids and terpenes found in cannabis. 

Many experts argue that products that do include other cannabis components — like broad-spectrum CBD products or full-spectrum CBD products — are more effective than those with CBD only due to what's known as the "entourage effect."

This incredible theory holds that the substances found in cannabis have synergistic effects, working much better when used together to power your body, as nature intended. 

What's more, research shows that whole-plant extracts work well at lower doses, whereas isolate generally requires higher and more precise doses to be effective. 

Here at Healist, we use the highest quality, organic broad-spectrum hemp extract. As its name suggests, broad-spectrum not only contains high levels of CBD but includes other powerful cannabinoids such as CBN, CBC, CBG, and CBDA as well as therapeutic compounds like amino acids, terpenes, vitamins, and minerals that work in perfect synergy with each other to provide your body with therapeutic effects that are second to none.* 

And unlike full-spectrum hemp extract, which contains around 0.3 percent THC, our broad-spectrum hemp extracts are non-psychoactive with undetectable levels of THC

Wrapping It Up  

So, what is CBD isolate, you ask?

Simply put, products that contain CBD isolate contain pure CBD — and nothing else. While beneficial for those who want to stay far away from THC or any other parts of the plant, there's quite a bit of research that shows when all parts of the cannabis plant, such as cannabinoids and terpenes, work together as a whole, they tend to have a much more profound impact versus an isolated cannabinoid all on its own. This phenomenon is called the "entourage effect."  

With that in mind, if you want to benefit from the incredible healing powers of the cannabis plant, it's best to use full-spectrum or broad-spectrum CBD, which contain all of the wonderful cannabinoids and plant compounds—the only difference between the two is that broad-spectrum CBD doesn't include THC.

Not sure where to find broad-spectrum CBD? Check out our vast range of products using broad-spectrum organic CBD. Healist's formulations give you the power to defend your wellness with the incredible benefits of CBD, as well as the terpenes, phytonutrients, and other essential compounds found in the whole plant, but with 0.0% of the THC. Not to mention the other powerful botanicals we blend into each formula to make sure your body gets the holistic natural support it can thrive on. 

Our ethos is simple: always 100% clean and natural ingredients, always 100% benefit-focused products. 


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