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Discovery Drops

$16.99 $19.99

200mg CBD/5 Servings Drops

What it does: Fall Asleep. Stay Asleep. Wake up feeling refreshed with no grogginess.

What it is: A fast-acting, sleep-inducing blend of the highest quality U.S. organically farmed CBD with active levels of botanical essential oils (lavender, chamomile, lemon balm) and a custom sleep terpene blend to support your body in promoting a healthy sleep cycle with no next-day grogginess*.

What people are saying:

  • 86% agree Sleep Drops has helped promote a healthy sleep cycle**
  • After 1 day, 82% agree Sleep Drops was effective in helping them find sleep**
  • 92% agree it does not leave them feeling groggy in the morning**

Discovery Drops

$16.99 $19.99

200mg CBD/5 Servings Drops

What it does: Find Calm without the brain fog. Quiet your mind. Stay focused.

What it is: We take the highest quality, U.S. organically farmed CBD and blend it with active levels of organic orange essential oil and a custom calming terpene blend to support your body’s ability to cope with daily stress and feelings of anxiety*.

What people are saying:

  • 96% agree it has been effective in helping them find calm**
  • 95% agree it has improved their feelings of stress and anxiety**
  • 92% agree their sense of calm has improved over time**

How to Use:

Start Small: based on the chart below*, we recommend to start with a mild or medium dose of CBD placed under your tongue for 30 seconds, then swallow. Wait about 20-30 minutes to see how you feel before taking more.

Weight Medium Dose Strong Dose
61-100lbs 10mg-15mg+ 25mg-40mg+
100-175lbs 15mg-25mg+ 30mg-60mg+
175-250lbs + 20mg-40mg+ 40mg-60mg+

** Independent consumer testing panel of 109 people who used Double Strength Sleep Drops for 14 days consecutively and completed a self-assessment of their experience.

People are talking about Healist

Calm Drops
"Calm & Clear"

“Calm Drops help me let go of the stress of the day. These are perfect for relaxing without the added brain fog or fuzz that I’ve experienced with other products.”

Sleep Drops
"Fall asleep, stay asleep"

“I fall asleep faster and I stay asleep all night. I can’t believe how much better I feel when I wake up. For the first time in a long time I awake refreshed and well rested.”

Body Relief Lotion
"In love with this lotion"

“It applies easily and no sticky residue. It absorbs quickly into the body and almost instantly relieves my discomfort.”


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