Defending our Environment

    We’re committed to sustainable practices that are better for you and the planet because we believe it’s our responsibility to support the environment in restoring its natural balance.

    100% Recyclable Cartons

    We use 100% recyclable materials to produce Healist cartons and all packing materials. We print with renewable, biodegradable soy ink.

    Hemp is a Sustainable Wonder Crop

    • Supporting the Environment: Hemp absorbs CO2 while it grows through natural photosynthesis, making it carbon negative from the very start.
    • Supporting the Farmer:  Hemp grows in a variety of climate and soil types, grows very tightly spaced (decreasing land use), has a fast growing rate (leading to high yields), and needs about half as much water (when compared to cotton) to thrive.
    • Supporting Humanity:  Hemp offers a more sustainable solution across a variety of uses – textiles and paper production, building materials, plastics, and bio-fuels.